Linda Harvey is Nobody’s Fool
Linda Harvey is Nobody’s Fool
Your Facebook profile just got hacked! Know what to do? if not, take a page from Linda Harvey's Risk Management Playbook...
Neither are her clients. I suspect the lot of them were born at night. Just not last night. Linda's Facebook account was hacked last Friday. Her Facebook Friends/Clients didn't fall for the bogus messages appearing almost immediately. Linda was not in Africa on safari. She had not been mugged, and she didn't us to send money right away.
LInda Harvey, nobody's fool
Linda Harvey, Nobody's Fool.
The reason Linda's community didn't fall for the scam because Linda has them trained in the art of avoiding and mitigating risk. After all, she is a licensed risk manager. Access any news source and you will see a report on the "hack of the day". Even savvy multinationals and governments are falling victim. Linda was able to manage this risk because it's part of the DNA of her coaching and training sessions. If having your Facebook profile compromised is a scary though, here are some tips adapted from Linda's sessions:
  • Exposure Awareness - What are the risks facing your business on the web? You can't be everywhere at once, learn where threats are likely to appear.
  • Have a Plan - Once you know what and where, answer these questions. How will you defend? What can you do to mitigate the damage? What will you do to recover?
  • Communicate - Alert the vendor, your support team and your community. Where big companies fail is by not coming clean with there customer community. Nothing quite like a security breach to kill online trust.
  • Keep Calm and Carry On - Getting hacked gets filed under "Modern Problems". Deal with it. It's more than don't act surprised, it's don't be surprised.
Linda is on the road on assignment, doing great work today. She's nobody's fool.