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Are you tired of adapting your work to your tools? The first step to becoming the Master of your Digital Domain is to take charge of your digital toolbox. Here is how you can discover your technology ROI in 30-minutes or less...

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For more than three decades Jerry Gitchel has been making technology work for Fortune 500 corporations, non-profits and entrepreneurs. Jerry jumped into the digital revolution the day his boss dropped a cardboard box on his desk and said, “Here’s your new computer, learn how to use it, then you can teach me.”

Jerry has been teaching, consulting and speaking about technology ever since.Jerry has a special knack for helping business owners and professionals address the overwhelming challenges and frustration brought on by the digital age.

Depending on your objectives, he’ll personalize a presentation or 1 on 1 coaching program on issues ranging from developing a comprehensive marketing plan to assembling the perfect digital toolbox for sales professionals, to developing a seamless personal brand online.

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Making your technology work requires a focus on only three areas: 
Tools - I Choose the apps and platforms that are the best-fit for your organization
Techniques - I work with you to develop processes and procedures the increase your productivity and peace of mind.
Talents - I adapt your technology to work for you in the way you do best.
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For over a quarter century, Jerry Gitchel and his ResourceArmy have worked with corporations, companies and community organizations to adapt technology to meet the human need. My unique approach is grounded in the belief that the Internet is not about technology, it's about connecting with people. I future-proof your organization's investment in technology
Digital Transformation
Remote Workforce Development
Hybrid Event Production


"Jerry is my go-to guy for all things web marketing and design related. From the numerous projects we have worked on together, I know Jerry is strategically minded and always brings sound solutions and a step by step plan to every project. He is a bulldog when it comes to managing a project -- always ahead of time on delivery and execution. You can be sure he will be knowledgeable of latest trends and tactics. Best of all, his top priority is customer satisfaction and project success. He "makes my technology work."

Susan Van Hooser VP, Administration

"Jerry Gitchel has a genuine love for people, his clients, and a profound understanding of how to make technology work on their behalf. That combination of passion and talent practically ensures a positively awesome encounter with Jerry whether its as a client of his or you're in the audience during one of his very informative presentations."

N. Wyman Winbush II MBA, CAPT (USNR), CCP

"Jerry has helped me grow my greeting card business from the wisp of an idea to a thriving Internet business. More of a partner than a service provider, he understands my goals and responds to my sometimes urgent requests in his most gracious way. I call him my webmaster, but he's really a web architect. Always ready with fresh ideas to maximize results, Jerry will never disappoint you.".

Donna Smallin Kuper Small Space Living Expert - Organizing & Cleaning Expert - Author - Spokesperson