About Leverage Unlimited

For more than three decades Jerry Gitchel has been making technology work for Fortune 500 corporations, nonprofits and entrepreneurs. Jerry jumped into the digital revolution the day his boss dropped a cardboard box on his desk and said, “Here’s your new computer, learn how to use it, then you can teach me.”

Jerry has a special knack for helping business owners and professionals address the overwhelming challenges and frustration brought on by the digital age.

Depending on your objectives, he’ll personalize a presentation or 1 on 1 coaching program on issues ranging from developing a comprehensive marketing plan, assemble the perfect digital toolbox for sales professionals, to developing a seamless personal brand online.

Meet Jerry Gitchel

My IT career started with an invitation to a birthday party from Bill Gates. It was the first birthday for Microsoft Windows and Bill invited all the members of our PC Users Group attending COMDEX to join the party. I learned to embrace the phrase, “It’s not a bug it’s a feature.” and knew immediately I would have a long career making technology work for business professionals. I was on the road, but I didn’t realize I was on the wrong path. Five years went by as I filled my head with acronyms and spouted jargon to anyone who would listen. Then the most important email I would ever receive arrived in my inbox. I didn’t recognize the sender. I almost pressed Delete. 

The five word subject line made me freeze. It simply said, “Looking for my lost brother”. My big brother Lee, who had owned a computer for only two weeks, had found me on the Internet. We had never lived together. I learned that my “Why” was not about technology, it was about people. 

I future-proof your organization's investment in technology. Instead of acquiring what's new or cool, I focus on arming you with effective technology that provides you with peace of mind.

Operational RESILIENCY

COVID-19 has demonstrated that your organization's ability to detect, respond to, and recover from disruptions has a direct impact on operational resiliency. 
(Something I mastered in the 5th grade) 

Continuous Growth

Time spent defending the Status Quo prevents future growth. Humanistic innovation raises the bar of performance for those you serve best. I employ the 3 Laws of Digital Leverage to ensure your growth.

Team of experts

My ResourceArmy delivers both flexibility and scalability to ensure your projects are completed on time and under budget.

Expert Advisors

My 30-years of technology experence have helped me develop the deep expertise required to to deliver quick resolution to your most difficult technology challenges.
I make your technology work. 

24/7 Support

From the beginning, Leverage Unlimited has maintained a global reach. Clients quickly learn the first Law of Leverage, "Extend Your Reach". 

100% Satisfaction

On the Internet, business moves at the speed of trust. I listen closely and ask lots of questions to ensure I get it right the first time. I work hard to make sure your experience exceeds your expectations every time. I promise.