All of my presentations can be delivered in-person, virtually, as a hybrid or as a pre-recorded, on-demand breakout session.
Jerry Gitchel - Teaching LInkedIn at UNF
Making Technology Work
Every business invests in computer technology, most struggle to make it work.The secret is that it’s really not about technology, it’s about adapting technology to meet the human need. 

Join Jerry in the “Jargon-free Zone” to explore the secrets behind leveraging the power of digital technology to create success for your business. 

This presentation will be tailored to the needs of your audience and may include email, websites, social media, cybersecurity, or other elements you request.

Hybrid Meeting Success
At the beginning of the pandemic, we were forced into using virtual video presentations, but now we get to choose. Using a live hybrid model, I demonstrate how to take back control of your events and bring together your in-person audience and your "missing" members to build engagement and create a successful event.

You will learn how to reduce travel expenses and bring hard to reach speakers to your next conference.

Acronym Soup MM mmm good!
Why I Hate Chicken Pot Pie
The inspiring true story of the resiliency of a 5th-grader and the role of caring adults in the life of a child. 

It follows Jerry’s three week journey of survival after being abandoned by his father, then by his step-mother who left a note on the refrigerator door that read, “Honey, I left you something in the freezer. Love Mom. 

You will cry, you will laugh, and ultimately you will cheer for the triumph of the human spirit. Along the way you will get to meet his teacher, the local service station mechanic and the police officers who made a difference in the life of a child.*

During a fundraising dinner in Nashville, an audience member stood up and exclaimed, "Is this a TRUE Story?" Indeed it is. The caring adults how are part of the fabric of this presentation, make it the perfect story for retail business associations, educational conferences, and law enforcement training.


Jargon-Free Explanations

Ideas and concepts presented in plain business language you can understand and act upon.

Practical advice

Business strategies that focus on obtaining more leads and building sales instead of "cool online marketing".

Peace of Mind

Working with me you get more focus, more clarity, and the peace of mind of understanding how technology works.