Looking Forward Or Looking Back?
Looking Forward Or Looking Back?

We all do, it's only a question of when. Sometime this week you you will turn from looking back to looking forward. It's nostalgia week, that special time when we look back over the last year and try to convince ourselves that things weren't so bad. Like the folks at Southwest Airlines. Today they are yearning to return to a time 20 years ago when their crew scheduling software was brand new.

Just before Christmas, their leaders woke to learn that a bunch of their people and equipment were not where customers needed them to be. It's getting sorted out, but in the end, the Feds and Congress are going to rake Southwest over the coals, the everybody will have their hand out to pay for it, customers are going to want their money back, and they will never, every let the airline forget about what they put them through and how they ruined their holiday.

How did this happen? Infrastructure. Specifically, rolling the dice with assets and resources. Southwest knew their the business model and crew scheduling software needed to change, but like other public infrastructure projects that failed recently, decisions were made to postpone maintenance, delay replacement, or simply go with the status quo.

Looking back doesn't help you move forward. If you squeaked by with your business infrastructure in 2022 it may be time to turn your focus toward 2023. Do you know the status of your technology as we start a new year? Your best first move is an assessment of what you have, what's working, and do your team members know how to use it.

I have a software inventory you can download from LeverageUnlimited.net In less than 30 minutes you will discover just how much you are spending on software each month and how much of your investment you can recover as you start the new year.

I believe 2023 is going to be a great year as long as we keep our focus on moving forward.
Happy New Year.