Enrichment: Not Just for Uranium
Enrichment: Not Just for Uranium

Enrichment has become an extraordinarily valuable, low cost concept organizations can use to leverage their contact database. Officially known as Data Enrichment, the concept first appeared when contact databases began moving to cloud-based platforms. It creates the ability to connect your database to external resources using platforms like Zapier to extend your reach. Instead of sharing information by retyping information between external platforms, it’s shared digitally between apps using an API (Application Programming Interface).  

On a recent assignment I connected a client’s Web Analytics program to their Contact Relationship Management (CRM) platform. Immediately they learned which companies stopped by their website for a visit and increased the effectiveness of their content outreach effort. It gave them the ability to connect the digital dots between their outreach and their visitor’s response.

Enrichment results in more than an increase in data; it results in better data. In a world driven by change, the company with the most recent information wins. After connecting external web analytics feeds, we added custom fields to their primary contact views to include links to the contacts' social profiles. They gained immediate access to current events, updated contact information, what they were working on, and their network of connections.

Most importantly, we did not use the social media strategy to pitch prospects but to improve contact intelligence and begin to build relationships. 

Next Steps

Web analytics and user generated social intelligence provide the information and value you need as you begin to develop relationships with prospects. You only need three items to start a conversation--a name, an email address, and a question. Do your homework. How do they like to be contacted? When is the best time to reach out? What information would provide them with the most value or the answer to the question that is on their mind. 

Making enrichment work for you requires more time spent on each prospect. It requires a change in your mindset. It’s no longer a numbers game, it’s about the quality of each prospect. Your competitors are using the Internet like a weapon, by using brute force and urgent pitches. You’ll need to shift your focus to using it like a very sharp, professional tool, with finesse with a measured pace.

Enrichment is one of the best ways to leverage your CRM with the least amount of investment. Contact me with any questions.