3 Reasons You Should Stop Publishing Social Updates
3 Reasons You Should Stop Publishing Social Updates
It's time for a social networking timeout. You can either stop publishing everything, everywhere on every social platform, or your followers can stop listening. Your choice...
It seems that everyone is publishing everything everywhere. I'm not suggesting you turn off the promotion spigot completely, or forever. I'm just suggesting you pause, take a breath and reflect on your goals, your effort and most importantly, your results.

The Triple Threat of Social Marketing

When Facebook appeared in a decade ago, marketers were overjoyed at the prospect of a digital marketing channel that helped them remove the obstacle of permission-based marketing. The ability to connect with the world without first getting their permission created quite a buzz. That was their first mistake. Marketers chose to continue talking at prospects, instead of listening to them. As additional social platforms appeared, marketers adopted all of them. That was their second mistake. They gained access to multiple platforms, but instead of sending specific messages to each platform, marketers broadcast the same message repeatedly. As both consumers and business professions adopted social, they started following the same people and organizations on multiple platforms. That was the third mistake. Now everyone sees the same message, everywhere, all the time.

Stop Talking, Start Listening

As a business professional you have two choices. Either stop publishing everywhere, all the time , or watch in horror as your followers stop listening. The only solution is to focus on sending the right message, to the right person, at the right time. Start here:
  • Listen, really listen. Develop the skill of social listening.
  • Find your social audience, then go hang with them.
  • Add value instead of creating noise.
  • Measure meaningful metrics. Focus on engagement, not just visibility.
  • Adopt a social networking strategy. Start with Why Social, followed by Who,  What and When.
I started 2014 differently by publishing more posts, but to fewer channels. My message is focused and my audience is listening. Is your's?