3 Ways to Tell if Your Social Strategy is Working
3 Ways to Tell if Your Social Strategy is Working
Social Networking involves a lot of work. Here's 3 quick tips to help you tell if your investment is paying off...
Quality springs from measurement. The challenge of measurement is,"Which metrics matter?" Visit any website and you will see all of the social icons featured prominently on every page. The prevailing attitude among business professionals is to promote all platforms equally until they can figure out which one works best. No need to wait, the research is done, the results are in, it's time decide. Which social platforms deserve your continued investment? Here are three measurements to help reduce your effort while increasing your impact: Audience - The #1 trend in social is audience shift. Although business professionals hedge their bets equally across all social platforms, audiences have become selective. They are tired of running around to all the social sites, just to see the same update you've posted elsewhere.
  • Who is your audience and where did they go?
Social Listening - In the beginning, social was thought to be a replacement for email marketing, simply another broadcast channel. Now that everyone is talking all the time, your best move may be a shift to listening. There is immense value in social intelligence. Web analytics can tell you which search term was used, social can tell you why. 
  • What concerns your audience the most and how can you help them today?
Path of Engagement - A prospect's awareness of your organization starts on social. It links to your content marketing then leads to your sales process. Leverage this concept to start conversations that build trust and profits.
  • Use hashtags to expand your reach on Twitter. Join and participate in social groups and communities containing your best prospects.

Your Social Networking Strategy

Take the time to learn which platforms work best for your organization. Dig deeper to learn how to leverage the platform of your choice. Start conversations, add value,. built relationships. Go, be social!