How to Share Well With Others
How to Share Well With Others
Creating new, valuable content each day is exhausting work. The real crime is when we use it once, then put it on the shelf. Blogging is meant to be all about the hear and now. Every now and then, we accidentally produce great stuff that transforms our ideas from timely, to timeless. While teaching a client how to leverage shortlinks to promote blog posts on social I learned a valuable lesson in sharing.

How to Share Well With Others

Client Success Linda HarveyLinda Harvey of the Institute for Dental Compliance and Risk Management took my idea and turned it into a resource by capturing the post title, Full URL and shortlink in a document. She uploaded it to Dropbox to make it available to her team. She intends to draw on the resource whenever she wishes to share content with a prospect via email. It will also be used in future posts to connect the dots to similar posts on a topic. I think it would be a great way get more than a single use from your best posts.

Tips for Sharing Well With Others

  • Narrow your blog categories to your top five topics. Capture the category URL in your shortlink document to share when asked what you know about a specific topic.
  • Capture the title and shortlink to important guest posts like my Forbes interview.
  • When you sense you're composing a timeless post, add it to your archive.
  • Use a link shortening site like to craft custom URLs you can add to printed pieces. I use this to share a link on the back of my business card when networking. They need to be easy to say, spell and type.


Composing valuable content is hard work. Create an archive of links to help you share your content more than once.


Linda, thanks for helping me both teach and learn at the same time!