Florida Gathering – Jerry’s Angels
Florida Gathering – Jerry’s Angels
I knew the 2014 Florida Gathering would be special. I had no idea how special until I walked into a room filled with angels.
From prior years I knew the 2014 Florida Gathering would be special. I had no idea how special. With a bit of artful, last minute misdirection by Kathy Pashkow '12, I arrived at the conference area just in time. As I walked through the door I was greeted by a sea of halos above the attendees heads. Linda Harvey '99, quite simple said, "We are Jerry's Angels". "WOW!" was all I could say. I believe the success of Make Technology Work is the result of the success of my clients.  This special group includes best selling authors, world travelers, coaches, warriors and a sea captain. The year following their names denotes when the joined the Make Technology Work family. The average is 15 years. The highest is 24 and the most recent is 2 years. The first order of business is to set the date for the following year. If you are in North Florida on November 7, 2015, please accept my invitation to "Save the Date". As always I shared future trends. I'm always amazed how much I learn while teaching.  I learned how even a small kindness is appreciated and remembered. I learned just how smart my brain trust really is, and what they can accomplish when they are inspired. This new era includes something new, old and different:
  • Jackie Dorst '13, crafted our new mission, "Adapting Technology to the Human Need".
  • Lydia Ramsey '01, reminded me of my gift of making technology understandable because, "I've read the manual, so you don't have to."
  • Kathy Pashkow '11, developing a client focus that makes them capable of any challenge.
  • Linda Harvey '99,  the ability to be both agile and giving
  • Jackie Dorst '13,  deliver a technology "Kick in the Butt".
  • John Hollis '14, the creativity to deliver simple, elegant design that brings clarity to communication.
  • Jeff McBride '90, to let clients shine bright no matter who tries to dim their light.
Expect more to come from this day of discovery. A new era has begun. Wow.    

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