Growing Your Community of Practice
Growing Your Community of Practice
Wilder success is Doug Wilder's stock in trade. He has created, nurtured and facilitated multiple COPs over the last decade. He recently applied the Art of Digital Leverage to grow his community engagement. All it took was a single social profile update. If you are the busy leader who wants to grow your community of practice, follow Doug's example:
  • HSP - Start by capturing photos of Happy Smiling People whenever your community meets.
  • Share - Post a profile update on the appropriate social platform. Include the photo and share a brief description of what you learned during the event.
  • Invite - Close your update with a written invitation to the next event. If all you know is the date, Use the call to action (CTA), "Save The Date".
Doug used these three simple steps to engage his community. He published at midnight. In less than two hours, multiple comments had been posted. His update was visible to his entire community, His direct engagement topped 60 likes or comments in 24 hours. The comments included "Thanks for sharing", "We need to get together", 'Sorry I missed it", "It's been too long since we worked together", "I promise not to miss the next one!". For extra credit, reuse the photo when it's time to send an event reminder invitation. It serves as a testimony to the fun they will have if they accept your invitation.