Six Hours From Home
Six Hours From Home
Today is the last day of the Just Another Day in Paradise Tour. So far I've driven 3,725 miles and visited 11 states. here's what I learned along the way...
Today is the last day of the Just Another Day in Paradise Tour. So far I've driven 3,725 miles and visited 11 states. I presented the Internet Game Plan 5 times to scores of old friends and new ones. I've celebrated a Gulf Coast sunset with a close friend with dolphins and sandpipers in attendance. I've experienced the magic of a Blue Cow, Red Rocks and a deer in the middle of the road. It's time to go home.

Six Hours From Home

I'm in Phoenix this morning, tying up loose ends, launching projects for new clients, doing my laundry.  First thing tomorrow, Memorial Day, I'll head West for the last time, home to San Diego. I can't believe I'm this close, that I've come so far and that I've learned so much.

What I Learned Along The Way

Change your environment, change your perspective.

StJohnsFerryOld technology doesn't die, it evolves. People are not displaced by technology, they simply adapt. The St. Johns ferry north of Jacksonville has been in operation for decades. Despite a hurry up world filled with digital disruption, I watched passengers patiently wait 30 minutes for the next ferry to arrive to carry them across the river. I've flown this route countless times. Driving it is completely different. You should try it. Board a ferry, a bus or a train. Keep you eyes open, I promise the magic will appear.

People want to help, let them.

Rush hour Maxwell, NMThe radiator boiled over in Las Vegas (New Mexico). I pulled into a convenience store and folks appeared offering help, advice and assistance. Don't try to open the cap, don't add coolant with the engine off, be patient. Valuable advice, especially that last part.

  When asked, "Do you have 15 minutes?", always answer, "Yes".

With Lynn Price at the Blue Cow Eatery, Morrison, COI invited Lynn Price for coffee. She suggested The Blue Cow Eatery in Morrison, CO. It was almost an hour away from where I was staying, but how could I pass up the chance to see a blue cow? "Do you have 15 minutes, I'd like to show you something?". How could I say no? We drove to Red Rocks, met a deer and I learned the history of this very special place where each season starts with an Easter Sunrise Service. It's been a live performance venue for more than a century. I'll be back, I hope to see you there.

Stop taking notes, start taking action.

There is far too much, "Fixing to" in the world. Seth Godin said it best, "Without a doubt, the ability to connect the dots is rare, prized and valuable... Why then, do we spend so much time collecting dots instead?" During the tour I watched attendees taking notes I know they will never read again. Some even said, "Great presentation, I've got to go to another meeting." I've invested 24 years in Making Technology Work. I'm learned how to connect with people, give them a path to engagement, provide more leverage, more prospects, more success, more time to do the things that matter most. Please don't waste your time or mine just showing up. Be present, do the work, celebrate your success.

 Gather your community, they are the most important asset you've got!

GatherBeverly and Jason have a very magical house. It has it's own mission statement, Gather. Who is on your team? Who's team are you on? Enjoy your holiday weekend, but first thing Tuesday morning, pick up the phone and commit to gathering your team together. Write down their name and number right now. Don't be surprised if you hear from me on Tuesday.

Next Steps

After each coaching session my clients receive a written recap in three parts, Discussions, Decisions, Next Steps. This is not the end of the Just Another Day in Paradise Tour. It's simply the end of the beginning. Here's what's next.
  • JADIP Tour - West Coast Style - San Francisco, Irvine, San Diego during the month of June.
It's been a magical adventure. I can't wait to do it again. 

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