Leverage UnlimitedFor over a quarter century, Jerry Gitchel and his ResourceArmy have worked with corporations, companies and community organizations to adapt technology to meet the human need. Our unique approach is grounded in the belief that the Internet is not about technology, it's about connecting with people. We future-proof your organization's investment in technology. Instead of acquiring what's new or cool, we focus on arming you with effective technology.

Grow an Existing Business

For many businesses, their investment in technology is often greater than their results. As the number of business technology solutions increases, so does the feeling of being overwhelmed. Simply avoiding the challenge puts your business further behind and threatens it's survival. We work with organizations who are ready to explore a digital upgrade. We evaluate your current investment, identify opportunities to reconnect with past customers and prospects. We develop strategies to go deep with existing customers, automate slow labor intensive manual processes and provide you with a lean mean toolbox of effective tech tools.

Launch a New Business

We love that new business smell! We are proud to have been involved in the launch of hundreds of start-ups. Launching a new business was once a capital intensive process. We now have the tools to go from a back of a napkin to a fast-growing powerhouse in a few weeks. We work with entrepreneurs who have little more than an idea and help them build a business plan, a web presence and identify their perfect customer.

Connecting Your Digital Dots

Success on the net requires more than a killer website. We employ the art of digital leverage to connect all your technology to ensure the Customer Journey leads to success. If your recent web development project isn't providing the return on investment you expected, here are some services to help you focus on what's missing from your Internet game plan.

Social Media

The Customer Journey starts with discovery. The most important channel for sparking engagement is social. Unfortunately, it also has the biggest potential to squander your time and treasure. We work with you to identify perfect prospects and where to find them. We use our proprietary Path of Engagement tool to identify prospects, build web traffic and deliver on your brand promise.

Content Marketing

You can't sell a Ferrari with a tweet. Going "Viral", Billion dollar valuations and high-tech start-ups leave business owners with the impression that internet based businesses are a "get-rich-quick" propositions. The fact is it takes longer to build the trust necessary to generate online sales. We work with organizations to create opportunities to build relationships that lead to sales success. We develop blog platforms and coach your team to tell your story to your audience.

Sales Force Automation

The days of lead generation via cold-calling or gone. Savvy sales professionals employ social listening to identify and target high-value prospects. We work with you and your team to arm and train your road warriors.

Brand Reputation

With the advent of online review platforms, your customers are now in charge of your online reputation. Wishing won't make the less than favorable reviews disappear. We work with you and your team to develop a brand reputation strategy that solicits 5 star reviews from your happy customers along with a policy of addressing the concerns of those who had a less that perfect experience with your organization.

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