Rise to The Challenge
Rise to The Challenge
Yesterdays speed networking world record event was AWA. It was an awesome, wonderful and amazing event. Even though we didn't set a new world record. It would be easy to identify any number of reasons why. Too, easy. It always is. Attempt any sort of challenge, fail to meet the mark and you've got plenty of folks who didn't participate willing to tell you all the reasons why. As with most endeavors, it's all about how you measure. Setting a world record would have been nice, but event organizer Barquilla had an additional goal in mind, "To show that Jacksonville is a really business-friendly city,” said Barquilla. “It’s our way of giving back to the community.” Thank you Brian, and your team for achieving that goal. I met a bunch of world-class friendly business people in a world-class city. I predicted in my pre-event video it would be a hoot. It was all that and more.

What I Learned

There are a bunch of friendly people here in town who are doing amazing things. New launches, new careers, great second acts. Unfailing courage to leap of a tall cliff, to take an afternoon off to try something new, reaching to achieve a really big goal. Go out and meet a bunch of people - Although we broke a few rules along the way, the attendees had a laser focus on what's important. Speed networking really isn't networking -It's simply discovery. The real conversation starts today, without all the paperwork and other distractions. Business card strategy -There's almost as many approaches to business card design as there are business cards. Fun to watch the exchange, Normally we use two hands, give from one, accept with the other. Yesterday we struggled with the single hand exchange. TMI - How much info can you cram on a card? Apparently a bunch. More than too small text, some cards felt crowded.

World-Class Best

Killer Logos - Mark Lebel with perdue had the best.Thought-bubble (go back and look at it closely). Memorable name - Rocky Nightingale with StormWood Technologies Memorable line - Former banker Mike Newton with Flippin' Good Cookies. "I make the other kind of dough." Best Look - Tukz Taaca with SafetyFirstJax.com. Dude, it was the hat. Best Pitch/Story - Mathew Hull with Pride [Computer Systems]. Almost closed a deal in less than 3 minutes. When you connect with him,  ask how he started his business. Most Friendly Networker - René Zook with KellerWilliams. Great smile and personality. Perfect example of business-friendly city.


Official Announcement My very secret, "The Art of Live Networking" resource page.

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