Random Acts of Rocky
Random Acts of Rocky
It doesn't take any more effort to act with respect online. In Rocky's world, it both simple and easy...
Yesterday, a door was opened for me. Both figuratively and literally. I walked into a building on Broadway here in San Diego to complete a bank transaction. Quick in and out. The gentleman at the desk asked me about my day. I shared my usual reply, "It's Just another day in paradise." I completed my task, exited the bank and headed for the front door. Same individual suggested, "Have a great day sir." and I promised him I would. Then it happened. As I approached the big double glass doors one of them slowly opened. I stopped dead in my tracks, turned back and said, "Did YOU do that?" in amazement. "Yes I did" he said with a big grin.  I thanked him and I left the building with a big grin on my face. It took me about half a block to shift back to being present. Much to his surprise, I walked back through those doors to learn more. He said it's easy. Simple as pressing a button on the desk. As Vermont Governor wrote in the Huffington Post:
"Holding the door for someone is about manners, it's about time and it's about face-to-face interactions, even when the backward glance is in profile. The exchange is often between strangers who may or may not ever see each other again. It takes a few seconds to hold the door; some are heavy and require effort. But it's not just about the door. It's about making a split-second decision whether to connect with another person -- to acknowledge their existence."
As I left once more, (yes the door opened again) I reflected on the fact that often, we use the power of technology to create distance between those we encounter each day. Using Caller ID to screen calls and keeping our nose in a mobile device prevents us from experiencing the best San Diego has to offer. But not that day. Yesterday I learned once again we don't have to use technology as an excuse to be rude, or disengage from our community.  For me it was nothing less than an Act of #VirtualRespect *

Thanks for opening a door for me Rocky!

  * Rocky's good manners and attitude have earned him a spot in my forthcoming book with co-author Lydia Ramsey, Virtual Respect: The Art of Building Business Relationships Online Have you encountered a virtual random act of kindness? Lydia and I are gathering stories for our new book. To share your story, please visit: VirtualRespect.com. Not going to promise you'll be in their with Rocky, but we will acknowledge each submission.