Heavy Lifting Ahead? Start With the Pink Weights
Heavy Lifting Ahead? Start With the Pink Weights

Thanksgiving is over. You're back at work. There's heavy lifting ahead. If you're daunted by the prospect of all that needs to be done in the month ahead, here's a tip I learned from my fitness coach, Kathy Pashkow.

Start With the Pink Weights

Four years ago I embarked on a fitness program, something I had never successfully completed. I hesitated when Kathy handed me those tiny pink barbells. She knew immediately how I felt and responded, "The weight will change, your form should not." It's easy during the holidays to either try too hard to pick up the slack or simply slack off.

Your can avoid the extremes. Consider adjusting your expectations, pick your shots, adjust your focus. December has always been my best month. My best clients are already thinking about 2016. Tomorrow I'll share my tips for preparing for a great 2016. If you're looking forward to celebrating a Happy New Year, make a short list today of where you'd like to be after the holidays are over.

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