Picture Perfect Publishing, Each and Every Week
Picture Perfect Publishing, Each and Every Week
John Chappelear, author of The Daily Six, has been publishing, "Positive Thoughts For The Week" for more than a decade. Distributed via Facebook, Email subscription and personal invitation, John rarely misses a deadline. When he does, fans contact him immediately, concerned for his well-being. Recently John visited the Your Digital Studios at Kuna Co-working to share how it all started, why, and how he manages the publishing schedule.

John's Tips

  • John got started when he promised the thought of the week in his book, The Daily Six. It forced him to become a publisher. Sometimes leaping off a cliff isn't as crazy as it seems.
  • The process grew as he attempted to add video and high-end production. Since it's launch over a decade ago,the weekly thought as been distilled to a still image with a text overlay. The tight and lean version makes it less complicated to produce and creates a wider distribution.
  • John blends current events with one of the 6 principles from The Daily Six to craft the weekly thought.
  • Consistent publishing builds credibility, instills trust and sets a positive audience expectation. In the rare event John misses a publication date, loyal fans contact him to make he is still alive.
Our thanks to John for sharing how busy professionals use the Art of Digital Leverage to create value for their business.