Summer of Missed Communications
Summer of Missed Communications
Are you communicating more but find that no one is listening? Here are some tips for creating your killer Integrated Communications Strategy.
Not miscommunications, but missed, as in missed opportunity. It seems the more communication channels we use; the  more garbled the message becomes. The problem is not a lack of technology. It's the lack of an integrated communications strategy. In the classic movie, "Cool Hand Luke" the warden tells Paul Newman's character, "What we have here, is a failure to communicate." The warden understood that Luke wasn't hard of hearing, he was just hard of listening. Anyone who has received a "Dear Valued Customer" message understands that organizations, not customers now have a hard of listening problem. It's no longer an isolated incident; it's an epidemic. I watched two organizations I hold dear fail at this challenge this summer. Time for some serious change.

Integrated Marketing Communications

Starting now the primary mission of Make Technology Work will be to work with organizations who want to create an effective marketing communications strategy. It's been an essential component of my services; now it will become the primary focus of my work. Thursday is zero day. I'm launching a 5 session group coaching program. It will help you create a strategy for all of your online communications from social all the way to customer service. For now, let's start with what you can do today to create an effective online communications strategy.

Tips for creating your killer integrated marketing communication strategy

Strategy, Not Campaign - In the past I've worked with clients who had a singular focus. Our focus was to launch a book, a product or new business. It's hard, intense work. Then we started all over again with the next project. Integrated marketing communications is a marathon, not a sprint. Pace yourself and plan accordingly. Customer Focused - It's not about you or your organization. Really. In the moment you change your focus it becomes clear that where and when your prospects receive your message is critical to your success. Put your customer hat on, grab a mobile device and as CRM pioneer Jon Ferrara suggests, "Walk in their virtual footprint." Same Thing, But Different - Each of the available communication channels are different. Customers choose a channel preference, not organizations . Become adept at understanding what each tool does and when each should be used. Have a Plan - Customers discover, build a relationship, buy and remain loyal to those organizations that maintain consistent messaging. Create a communications matrix that includes a handful of channels that work in harmony to build your brand and customer loyalty.

A New Focus, Not a New Direction

Getting the right message, to the right person, at the right time has been the forte of Make Technology Work for 24 years. What gets me out of bed each morning is not an alarm clock, but the question, "Who can I help today?" I hope it's you and other business professionals who are ready to turn down the noise and start communicating with their best prospects in a manner of respect. I'm excited about the opportunities, are you?