5 Reasons Why “Like” is so Lame
5 Reasons Why “Like” is so Lame
Sure, it's easy to click Like, but what does that say about how you really feel? If you really like something, maybe it time for a upgrade...

It's real easy to see an online post, smile as you read it, then click Like button. In fact, it's too easy. The Like button was created to make a digital connection, a way for visitors to give permission to connect with the poster. It has little to do with actually liking the piece or the person.

Clicking Like is so insincere it has become insignificant. It's gone from social to anti-social. Here are 5 tips to create a real connection, engage your community and shine a light on what you love, not merely like:

  • Shift From Like to Comment - A sincere compliment includes why you like a quote, a statement, an idea. Click the Comment button to express exactly what you like. This immediately connects you with the authors network.
  • Create Value - The Internet works best not when ideas are shared, but when others add value.
  • Tell Your Truth - Global revolutions are often started with nothing more than a color. Imagine what you could do with an idea.
  • Share, the Most Sincere Form of Appreciation - Months ago as a guest blogger, the host tweeted my statement, "Use your voice to create value instead of noise". It gets retweeted weekly. I'm always surprised, pleased and grateful. Sharing a post connects the author with your network.
  • Act With Virtual Respect - My prediction of the hottest technology trend for 2022 will be listening instead of shouting. When you post a comment, share a post or retweet you demonstrate that you were listening, really listening.

 "Use your voice to create value instead of noise"

- Jerry Gitchel