The Laws of Digital Leverage

the Laws of Digital Leverage

Laws of Leverage

Each day we are faced with a new app or strategy or product to make our organizations successful in the digital age. Clients say that instead of their technology creating success, it’s distracting, annoying, and delivers a mountain of anxiety. It is a waste of our time, effort and money. You already know that, you can feel it in your bones as you journey through your day.

There is no need for you to read the manual, I’ve done it for you. I offer these three laws to change the outcome, to create focus to your workday, to reduce your stress, and bring you peace of mind.

The First Law – Extend Your Reach

The globe is your market. In an instant you can share your words, voice or image with anyone on the planet. Growing your organization is easy. Extend your reach by connecting with the right people, at the right time using the right message.

The Second Law – Increase Your Velocity

In 2023 everyone adopted AI in a big way, Including cyber criminals. Breaches and ransomware attacks increased by 51% according to Bloomberg reports. You have to get ahead of not only the bad guys but also your competition. I helped a Fortune 50 financial firm reduce their trade desk processing time from 40 hours to 46 minutes per day. Deploying mobile technology gives you the leverage to deliver where and when your clients need you.

The Third Law – Build Better Relationships

Starting your client emails with the line, “Dear valued customers” doesn’t make them feel valued. It’s not enough to gather client intelligence, your sales team needs to remember important dates and milestones and anticipate their customers next move. Leverage your data to go beyond being just another order taker.

No matter which challenge you face we can work together to make your technology work by applying the Laws of Leverage. Use the Link below to share the details or give me a call now.