It’s not the Leap or Full Stop, it’s the Plod
It’s not the Leap or Full Stop, it’s the Plod
You have the opportunity to make an impact on your life, your community and your bottom line by leaping forward. The tools are more powerful and easier so, what's holding you back?

You hear it on a Friday afternoon, "Well, we can get to that next week, I’m going to start the weekend early."  Or you hear it when Summer starts, "I’m going to enjoy some time off this Summer, we will hit it hard next Fall." The most challenging is a stage of life excuse, "Well, I’m getting older now, time to slow down."

What I am most excited about is the opportunity we have today to make an impact on our lives, our communities, our bottom line. Not by slowing down, but by leaping forward. We have all the technology we need. The tools cost less, are more powerful and are much easier to use than ever before. What is holding you back?

No More Excuses (NME)

The dog days of summer are not the time to lie under the porch. Last night someone gave me permission to pinch her if she said she was tired. Here are 5 things you can do in the next hour to increase your joy, your contacts, your bank account, a way to make your Summer count.

  1. The Art of the Reconnect - Scan your contact list and call one of your best customers. Blame it on me if you must, but make the call. After the small talk (and they’ve picked themselves up off the floor) ask them if they hang out on social. If they do, find out where. Do this now and you will uncover the best place to look for new prospects. They are standing right next to your best customer. Go, get in front of them.
  2. Turning No’s into Definite Maybe’s - Hit your contact database once more. Look for those who said no. Often “No" is simply another way of saying "Not Yet”. All it takes is asking the right question, Start with,“Now?"
  3. Celebrate the Power of HSP - Happy Smiling People is the best way to ensure your next event is a success. How do I get all those smiles? Just before I press the button I ask, “How is my hair?"
  4. Death to Cold Calls - It’s not stalking if it creates value. Because your prospects and customers use social platforms, there is absolutely no reason for you to cold call. Social Selling platforms like create a competitive edge you can use to conduct social listening. 
  5. Deja Vu All Over Again - Sales Force Automation (SFA) is a process of continuous improvement. No need to invest is a big, expensive fully-automatic platform. Just look for the echo created each time you perform the same task twice. Create a template for a frequently written email, Use an email broadcast platform to personalize your message to each recipient of a marketing campaign. Look for opportunities to automate your repetitive processes.

The phrase, “Fix’in to” is a southern tradition used to ponder a course of action. The pace of modern business demands an immediate response, requires swift execution. It's time to stop plodding. Go ahead and LEAP!