Leveraging the Power of Video Marketing
Leveraging the Power of Video Marketing
I really didn't become handsome until the day I shaved my head. It's the Yul Brenner, Telly Savalas, Mr. Clean thing. On Tuesday night I found out just how handsome I could be when I attended Craig Vollgraff's  Inspire Video Marketing discovery workshop.
Marilyn Salerno, Plastic Surgery of the Mind
Taking a page from the, "You've got to see it to believe it" book, Craig coached each of us on how to write a script, how to stand, act and of course, smile. That last part is important. Many business owners and professionals avoid video marketing because they are simply terrified of appearing on camera. Craig's workshop was not only focused and effective, it was fun! I really enjoyed watching the other students including Irene West, of Karat Bars shine as they improved. Craig recorded multiple takes, coaching between. I've only seen the rough cut from Craig's edits. I invite you to use the link below to see Craig's work, first hand.

5 Words that Define Success on the Net

Jerry's Rough Cut

Meet Marilyn Salerno, Master Hypnotherapist

Marilyn's Video If your business is online and your customers are on mobile devices, online video marketing must be a part of your marketing toolbox.

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