Finding Your Missing Members
Finding Your Missing Members
The global pandemic has decimated live meeting attendance. You may be ready to welcome everyone back. Unfortunately, they may not be ready to return...

The global pandemic has decimated attendance for live, in-person meetings. As conditions improve, you may be ready to welcome everyone back. Unfortunately, they may not be ready to return. Upgrading your monthly meetings to a hybrid event model provides a way for you to welcome back your missing members.

The benefits go beyond your missing members. A hybrid event model extends your brand to new sources of prospects. It allows them to sample your member experience in a safe environment. It provides a window to your meeting venue. A properly produced hybrid event showcases the meeting and encourages prospects and missing members to return in--person once they feel comfortable.

Hybrid meetings are neither expensive nor complicated. Association leaders and membership experts agree that meetings with only in-person attendees barely break even. In my experience, remote attendees generate a 100% return on investment.

At first glance, producing a hybrid event appears complicated. It’s not. It simple requires a bit more planning, Here’s all it takes:

From You - a laptop, webcam and a Zoom account.

From the Venue - An Internet connection and a large screen tv.

From your Leadership - A goal of connecting those who attend in-person with those who attend remotely with a mission to be seen, heard and engaged.

That is all you need to produce a hybrid meeting.

Chad Meadows, Executive Vice President and COO of VyStar Credit Union recently said that they were expecting a hybrid workforce even after the pandemic. My research indicates hybrid events are here to stay, with a remote audience of between 25% and 35% of your current in-person headcount.

The math is pretty easy. Subtract your current in-person attendance to what it was a year ago. Double the difference to calculate your potential remote audience. Multiply by $10 to arrive at your increase in revenue. Hybrid events are profitable and one of the best ways to find your missing members.