HSP, Your Event Promotion Secret Weapon
HSP, Your Event Promotion Secret Weapon
Looking to promote your upcoming event? The best way to encourage attendance is through the application of HSP*

HSP is the most powerful engagement tactic for event promotion. Happy Smiling People (HSP) creates the immediate response, "Wish I'd been there!" after viewing the photos from Jax Innovations Nights (Jan 2016), I got chicken skin. All of the crowd shots were captured in less than two minutes. It's easy with a little bit of planning.

I always want to capture the essence of innovation, the community, the engagement. I chose the specific moment just before the start of the JIN event. The book club was the opening act. It sparked 1-on-1 discussions. It was too good to pass up. The event organizers can now use the images to promote future events as well as instill a sense of community in those who attended.

The Secret of Event Promotion - Breaking the 4th Wall

The key to growing meeting attendance is to break down the 4th wall of your meeting. It gives you an opening to extend the excitement as well as the content beyond the meeting venue. The images you include with your "Save the Date" announcement help fill the room for your next event, if they convey a sense of excitement while compelling those who are simply "Interested" to say, "I need to be in that room, I'm going."

Immediate publishing to social media during the event strengthens the bond between attendees, creates warm memories and reminds those in attendance to extend what they learned out into their community.

The Art of Digital Leverage

Tips for using the Art of Digital Leverage to create a successful event promotion:

  • Save the Date. Savvy event promoters always seem to have a gallery of action shots even before the event. Produce an event archive gallery for your organization. The trick is using archive images from the last event to generate interest in the upcoming event. Wether you're a non-profit or a rock band, leverage your image assets to promote your next gig.
  • HSP starts with the announcement. Request a professional headshot from your main speaker along with their bio.
  • Day of event. Capture close-up images of your speaker during their "Dress Rehearsal" before the start of the even. It's rude to step between the presenter and their audience. Ask the speaker if you could shoot a close up before the start. Trust me, they will be on board with your suggestion.
  • Anticipate the best moments for crowd shots. The punchline of a joke, applause, interactive exercises, each provides an opportunity to capture the essence of the event.
  • Velocity is critical. Treat your event as if it's breaking news. Publish the speaker close-up during the event. Follow up by publishing images over the course of the event. Select a trio of images for your social media post. Invite your audience to add comments to your post. They can include who they met or what they learned.
  • Need a better way to create a group shot for an award or installation of officers? Compose the shot from the side instead of the center. It eliminates the, "police lineup" look. It also allows you to get closer to capture the very best HSP moment.