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About Leverage Unlimited

For over a quarter century, Jerry Gitchel and his Resource Army have worked with corporations, companies and community organizations to adapt technology to meet the human need. My unique approach to this challenge is grounded in the belief that the Internet is not about technology, it's about connecting with people. I future-proof your organization's investment in technology. Instead of acquiring what's new or cool, I focus on arming you with effective technology.

Some of the ways I deliver value: 

  • Identify the gap between traditional, paper-based processes and an efficient, digital workflow.

  • Develop a process and a plan for closing the gap by acquiring the right technology and eliminating the rest.

  • Create a digital business workflow to connect the right people with the right information at the right time.

  • Assess your digital investment. Does it create value for your organization? How can we reduce the cost?

Need answers? Give us a call - 904-566-8325


My Mission

Listening to customers is the key to successful engagements. It starts with developing a growth mindset.

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