The idea for Leverage Unlimited started in 1990 when I met Bill Gates at COMDEX, in Atlanta during the Microsoft Windows birthday party. From the beginning, the people in tech industry believed success was more about tech than people. If your business technology wasn’t working, the solution must be more tech. The approach was just as wrong then, as it is now.   
Leverage Unlimited, Inc. was founded to serve as a catalyst for business transformation. For a quarter-century, we have worked with business professionals who wanted to leverage the power of technology for more sales. From the beginning, our mission has been to Adapt Technology to Meet the Human Need.
Jerry’s Angels That phrase was coined in 2014, not from a marketer, but from our loyal client, Jackie Dorst during the 2014 edition of our client conference, The Gathering. We asked, “What do we do best?” Jackie’s response revealed the success of our clients not our slogans.
At the start of each engagement, we ask our clients, “Tell us about your customers' journey.” We want to know how prospects discover and gain trust in you company. Our goal is to make working with you so easy, the purchase question always leads to yes.