What is the cost of your technology investment? If you are not sure, you are in good company. The software as a service business model has hidden the true cost of your digital toolbox. At Leverage Unlimited, we believe your your tools should help increase sales, not your expenses. Our tools assessment process include these valuable steps:
  • We start with an inventory of your total technology investment, including all those $20 per month service subscriptions.  
  • We evaluate each item to determine, do you need it, is it working, does it make your team productive?
  • We identify what should stay, and what should go.
  • We evaluate your business operations to identify what’s missing, what you need and how to acquire the right technology.
At the completion of the assessment, you will have the peace of mind of knowing you have reduced your technology expense while arming your team with tools that increase their productivity and your bottom line.
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