Your company has all the technology it needs. Unfortunately, the same is true for your closest competitor. Success in the digital age demands having the right tools and a workforce with the right skills. Our Digital Skills Assessment helps identify the gaps in the technology skills of your team. 
According to the McKinsey Global Institute report, Digital America: A tale of the haves and have-mores
"While most users scramble just to keep up with the relentless rate of innovation, the sectors, companies, and individuals on the digital frontier continue to push the boundaries of technology use—and to capture disproportionate gains as a result."
Technology is no longer the driver of increased productivity. Workforce redevelopment with a focus on closing the digital skills gap, will drive future top and bottom line growth. The Digital Skills Assessment addresses this critical need.

How It Works

The assessment measures the tasks, skills and the gap in between. 
  • We inventory the essential tasks your team needs to accomplish each day. 
  • We measure the gap between their current skill and the essential tasks.
  • We develop a training prescription you can use to close the skills gap in your organization.
The excuse, “I really don’t know how technology works.” Is no longer acceptable if you want to remain competitive. Our assessment provides you will a process and a plan to target problem areas for rapid improvement. 
Once we indentify the skills gap we employ our exclusive 5-Minute Focus on-domand videos to create a custom tailored training prescription for your team.
Finding a well training workforce is critical to your success. At Leveraged Unlimited we believe the best place to start is within the ranks of your own people. Contact us or call now to start building your future army. 904-566-8325.