Our extraordinary success over the last quarter century springs from the success of our clients. Below is a partial list focusing on our most recent project for each. Many of them have engaged us on multiple assignments. Some from the beginning 25 years ago. Most for more than a decade. A few as recently as last week. All have trusted us with their good name, their livelyhood, their careers. 

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Learning Management Systems

Linda Harvey Group

Worked with the Linda Harvey and Patterson Dental to create a LMS for 1,000 students. Her deadline was three weeks! Delivered on time, under budget. So successful the student body grew to 20,000 in less than 3 months.

Institute for Dental Compliance and Risk Managment

The original project was so wildly successful that Linda Harvey asked us to work with her to launch an independent institute for dental compliance. It was so successful last December Linda threw her very first, holiday staff party. "I never imagined I'd have a big enough team to have a holiday party!"

Road Warrior

Safe Practices

Jackie Dorst and her Little Red Bag have traveled the world. She managed all of the work with paper files and a wall calender. Jackie engaged us to help her digitize everything and create systems that keep everything at her fingertips and swiftly execute on any business opportunity. Although she loves returning home to Fernandina Beach, FL, she no longer fears leaving something behind. Look for Jackie and the red nose in an airport hub near you.

Extreme Business Makeover

Wilder Success

Doug Wilder is a man that needs no introduction, at least not in Jacksonville. A much sought-after business coach, Doug's specialty is helping business executives get unstuck. We are currently working with him to modernize and monetize his 5 websites. Doug chose our firm for our ability to effortlessly manage multiple projects. 

Contented Cow Partners

Certified Speaking Professional and Bestselling author Richard Hadden has engaged us for multiple projects for over 15 years. The high visiblity of ContentedCows.com required a complete platform makeover to meet the threat of cybercrime. We worked with our ResourceArmy partner, Ocean Web Design to move the herd to a high security platform and server installation. Everyone on the team sleep well now.