Are You Ready for Your New Title?

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Your new title will be, Entrepreneur. Oh, not me, you say? In a classic article from titled, Why Everyone Will Have To Become An Entrepreneur they recall a scenario from 20 years ago. It's full of CD's, record stores, maps and pay phones. It would be full of warm nostalgia if not for all the people who were put out of a job when these products were no longer in demand. Author  Paul B. Brown, puts it in perspective with, "As you think about this scenario, and countless others you could imagine, you realize that it’s easier to list the tiny handful of professions and industries that will remain unchanged in the next 20 years than it is to write down the ones that will be altered—radically."

I don't have "5 Tips" or the perfect strategy to share with you today. Just a question. If your job went away today, what would you do tomorrow? I know what I'm going to do. If you'd like, I can share it with you. Just make a note to return here tomorrow at 10 am Eastern.