It’s Hard to Measure PR ROI, Unless You Are Working with Hooch

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I don't mean alcohol, I'm talking about the Hooch App. The title above is a quote from Lin Dai, CEO of NY-based Hooch. The premise is that everyone want's a free drink. The magic behind the concept is bar owners want measurable ROI. 

An article published on, Free Drink App Hooch Is Growing A Market By Giving Its Products Away makes the case for metrics. Hooch has been steadily growing their audience to 100K subscribers, many of whom are paying $9.99 per month. Dia touts tcustomer data as the most important factor behind the success of Hooch. 

The Gold in Data-Mining

 Using technology to extend your reach drives value. The wealth of data generated by growth sustains profitability. The platform gathers info on product, location, and even time-of-day to provide valuable metrics the company provides to bar owners in real-time. Current research methodologies produce PR metrics in 6-8 weeks. The question for established organizations is this. What if you knew, right now, what your customers are doing? Not what they are thinking about doing, actually doing? 

Adopting a Digital Mindset

The benefit of real-time data collection is often missing from the ROI calculation when making a case for digital transformation. Adopting a digital mindset is the first step toward growing sales and profits in the digital age. Better data leads to better decisions.