What's the Best Business Magazine?

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This was the first question I received after signing up for PopDQ.com. It's all about "Questions and Answers by Experts". Early in my digital career, I discovered the best opportunity of learning comes when I'm asked a question. It makes me think, and I get immediate feedback on what clients are thinking. It often leads to new services and products that allow me to deliver value to those I serve best. Here's my first PopDQ question, and my answer.

What are the best business and finance magazines to subscribe to?

Great questions DanBolVi!. An even better question is, "What do you want to know?" Think of the process as research to provide decision support. Since we have scant time to read, I recommend creating a list of periodicals that cover topics you need to know. Start with general knowledge, then create a narrow focus on specifics that support your needs. With your list in hand, seek magazines that deliver information that help you make better decisions.

Subscribe or Simply Read?

I have only one print subscription. The Economist provides me with broad information on the world, from a higher altitude. It allows me to step back from my narrow US point-of-view and receive the 40,000-foot perspective. Visit the site index to see the comprehensive list of information and special reports available.

Continue down your list to choose specific publications that create value. Which ones? I would try, not buy, your top choices. Subscribe to their blogs to receive notifications. I try different ones each week. I also evaluate the ones I've been reading to decide if they should remain on my short list of those I actually read. Check your local library for print editions. Here in Jacksonville, our library provides digital editions of a vast array of magazines. All you need is a library card. Once you find a keeper, invest in a paid subscription, either print or digital as you prefer.

Your Personal Library

I'm not embarrassed to say my print editions reside in the bath. As for those that arrive via email, I have a News folder. As they arrive I open, scan for value, then choose, move to Trash or to the News folder. If Trash becomes a frequent choice, unsubscribe is a better option. Finally, add the task "Read News" to your daily schedule.