What's Next?

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In a recent Facebook post,  Tracey Simmons Phillips of Promotional Presence shared 5 Important Steps to Ensure Revenue Growth This Fall. She starts with my favorite, a recommendation to invest in a CRM. "If you don't have one, the most valuable first step you can take right now is to set up a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for your small business." It should be the very first item on your wish list this holiday season. After that, my favorites are #2 and #4. 

#2 Meet With Your Best Partners. Tracey suggests Fall is the perfect time to meet with business associates who can refer you to your "best fit" prospects. Scan your contacts to identify candidates for a chat, either in person or by phone. Share with them what's new with your business, or refresh their impression of what you do best. This is also an excellent opportunity to learn what they are up to and who you can send their way.

#4Develop a new offering. What I am most excited about is hearing about an associates latest innovation. Tracey recommends using the change in the weather to develop a new offering, "Especially with upcoming holiday promotions, look at how you can bundle them together to best fit your customer's needs."

I agree with Tracey, Fall is your best opportunity for creating a strong finish to 2019. I believe it's the perfect time to prepare your 2020 vision. Many business professionals take their foot off the gas at this time of year, choosing to wait until it's time to return Christmas gifts before thinking about a prosperous New Year. Now is the best time to plan for a successful new year. Tracey's #1 tip is a perfect way to start on "What's Next".