Marketers Are Wearing Me Out!

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 I'm sure this is no surprise to you, but in a recent article from titled, Your Buyers Are Experiencing Marketing Fatigue; Here's What to Do About It, the author, a marketer admitted he was tired. No kidding. The post lists 5 items to work on. There is even a fancy metric to go with it, "Outreach Cadence". The thought appears to be that we are sending way too many messages. No kidding.

Each of the 5 items makes sense, but only from the marketers' point of view. I believe the central issue to why buyers have stopped opening your emails is you are bugging them way too much. If you are a sales professional using more technology but getting much less return, here are some ideas to disrupt your rut.

  • Tighten your reach, expand your pool. If you find yourself returning to check in with the same prospects, stop. Return to your target prospect. Are you engaging with your perfect prospect? Tighten your definition, then expand your reach to a larger audience. When those folks you've spoken with are ready, they will contact you.   
  • Go legit. Authenticity and transparency create value. Drop all the lame excuses for reconnecting. Use social listening to create legitimate reasons to connect. Focusing on what's going on in their world opens your eyes to opportunities to be genuine.
  •  Sharing is caring. Stop sharing everything with everyone. Add "favorite topics" to your contact records. Which topics do prospects follow or need to know more about? Instead of one size fits most, tailor your info sharing to earn your place in your prospect's inbox.  

It's time to stop kidding yourself, prospects are not waiting for your generic email followup. Rediscover your creative side, stop being hard of listening, demonstrate you have respect for their time, effort and attention.