Using Digital Tools to Increase Cashflow

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If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, imagine what it could do to improve your cash flow.  Mention the phrase, "cellphone camera" and construction managers think of "Selfies" or photos of what they had for dinner. Instead of spending time, you can use an everyday camera in any mobile device to save time and increase project cash flow. If you are a construction manager looking for ways to reduce the delay between submitting progress payments and getting paid. These tips are for you.

Revealing the Invisible

Field photography is old school. The ability to capture progress on your projects and instantly share it with your home office, clients and those responsible for cutting checks creates leverage. The highest form of image capture is when you can reveal the invisible. Digital photography is perfect if your projects are distant from HQ or the Clients location. You can use a drone-mounted camera to document roof installed equipment. You can provide visual access to underground construction and excavation.   

That Was Then, This is Now

If you are planning to add photography to your project management toolbox, start here"

  • Document current conditions from the start. Capture beginning benchmarks prior to mobilization. Progress is often measured by comparing where you started against where you are.
  • Like blueprints, orient your photos using the same point of view. Begin with a wide shot to establish context, move closer or zoom in to capture detail. Use a measuring tape or familiar object to document relative size.
  • For outdoor projects, shoot in the same direction and time of day.
  • Keep an eye open for safe practices, including guards, personal safety gear, and procedures.

Powerful Progress Presentations

Providing appropriate access to photos, videos and progress reports keeps everyone on the same page while eliminating the client's anxiousness about not knowing what's going on. If you choose to publish a photo gallery, organize the collection to allow for comparing images over time.

Here at Leverage Unlimited, we use live video to engage and communicate with clients each day. Live video may be a valuable addition to your digital toolbox. It can be used to communicate with clients and field operations in real time while eliminating the expense effort of travel time. 

The ability of drones to change your perspective is an asset to provide an eye in the sky while providing compliance with design specifications and documenting the need and execution of maintenance operations. 

Leveraging Digital Resources

There was a time, not so long ago, that competitive advantage in construction was obtained by using brute force. Today, the proper use of digital tools deliver projects on time and under budget with finesse and without breaking a sweat.