The Single Word Everyone Needs and Nobody Wants

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I've been told not to use this word.

I'm told, "People don't like it, it makes them uncomfortable, even angry." I get it, but like it or not, change is coming to your business, (Like when the Apple store moved just a few blocks). Then I read an article and a lightbulb went on. After reading the article, Tommy Hilfiger on a Game of Hangman, I realized what was different. 

The word? Disruption. I wouldn't be surprised if you winced just now. When I use the phrase "Digital Disruption" it evokes the fear of an uncertain future. However, in the article chronicling Tommy Hilfiger's big breakthrough, it's a celebration of his success. Back in 1985, Hilfiger was introduced to George Lois, as an "advertising genius". Tommy wanted an ad campaign that was the same old, same old. George offered a different idea.

Lois displayed campaigns from a lot of the big brands. It was hard to tell the difference between them. “This”, he said, “is the problem. Unless you do something different – something disruptive – nobody will notice.”

It worked. the so-called "hangman" ad positioned Hilfiger as on of the top four fashion designers. It caused an uproar in the community and yes, made some designers angry. Calvin Klein, confronted George in a restaurant, ‘Do you know it took me 20 years to get where Hilfiger is today!’ I politely grabbed his finger, bent it, and answered: ‘Schmuck! Why take 20 years when you can do it in 20 days?!’”

Established businesses here in Jacksonville don't have 20 years. Digital disruption is changing the way business is done. Besides, why wait for disruption when you can profit from a digital transformation, right now?

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