The Power of Having the Right Tools

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If you are feeling stressed about the quantity of technology your company is forced to deal with, you are not alone. In a recent report published by Everyday Health, the #1 effect is failing memory. Clients tell me it starts by forgetting just how much they are paying for software each month. A smooth and effective digitally powered organization requires apps and cloud-based software. Most accounts are paid monthly using automatic bank debits. Although it's efficient it's almost impossible to track the expense. It adds up. Even $20 a month grows to $240 annually. I one extreme case, we discovered a new client was spending $5,000 a month for software that didn't increase revenue, it simply drained their bank account.

If you suspect your organization has become a victim of the "$20 a month software club", here is a positive step you can take right now to regain control of your technology expense.

Tools Assessment Inventory

Our area of expertise and experience is leveraging the power of technology, specifically by identifying the hidden cost of monthly software subscriptions. The premise of our Tools Assessment is that each month you are paying for software you don't need. The Assessment identifies what you are spending, with the goal of determining whether it's working or even necessary for your business operation. I’d like to provide you a worksheet you may use to conduct the Tools Assessment Inventory.

All you need is a current bank statement, our worksheet and about 30 minutes. Just click on the link (below) to gain access to the worksheet and its easy instructions.