The iPhone Just Turned Ten. It Seems Like Only Yesterday.

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If you mark time in Internet years, it was only yesterday. June 29th will be the 10 anniversary of Apple's iPhone. Why iPhone? Steve Jobs knew users were unhappy with their mobile phones. It launched as a replacement. Why the "i"? The iPhone succeeded because it could adapt to the Individual. Their impact on personal culture has been so profound that we can't remember a time when they were not around. They have starred in major motion pictures, which you can watch on your mobile device. The are with us the moment we wake and are often the last image we see before we close our eyes to sleep. In many cases, they are the objects of our desire we reach for in the middle of the night.

The often intense personal relationship we have with our mobile devices is documented in a article, "A Sociology of the Smartphone". The most critical change is change itself, "[A]ll of the conventions and arrangements that constitute our sense of the everyday now no longer evolve at any speed we’d generally associate with social mores, but at the far faster rate of digital innovation." Each software upgrade forces us to change and adapt. Not always grudgingly, because we perceive our glowing rectangles and providing tremendous value.

Your Results May Vary

Consumers have embraced mobile devices into every aspect of their lives. Businesses on the other hand, still struggle to capitalize on the mobile transformation of our society. Startups get it. Established firms continue to operate in wait and see mode. I must admit I am totally baffled trying to figure out what they are waiting for. If you have an idea, please share it with me.

Mobile Mindset

There is more to mobile than squeezing your website to fit on a mobile screen. Your customers operate with a mobile mindset. It is time you did the same. Here is the difference.

Not long ago businesses focused on finding the right day and time to deliver email offers. Mobile makes this thinking obsolete. A better tactic is to target prospects at the time they are best able to take advantage of your offer. If you use a changeable sign in front of your business to create a drive-by call to action, consider using your mobile device to snap a photo. Post it to social or send it to your loyalty program members in the afternoon. It gives them the opportunity to start thinking of stopping by on their way home. 

"I'll send it to you when I get back to the office." Successful sales team have everything they need to close deals at their fingertips. Have you armed and trained your sales force to work independently in the trenches? Here is an easy way to answer the question. Have your top sales person sit at their desk with their mobile in their hand. Have them run through a mock in-person sales call. Do they have every piece of information they need, not just from the desktop, but also from their mobile device?

The iPhone launched as a replacement for mobile phones. The success of the platform happened when users started adapting it to their individual needs. A mobile mindset includes leveraging all the inherent features. Photos and videos bring customers and your team together. The ability to record or transcribe audio is a feature often overlooked by businesses.


As a business professional, your decision to celebrate iPhone's 10th anniversary as less to do with Apple's accomplishment and more to do with what you accomplish with mobile technology. Happy Anniversary iPhone!