The High Cost of Customer Loyalty

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Actually, the opposite is true. The cost in dollars is low, it's the effort that appears to be costly. It a recent article from Forbes titled, How Technology Can Help You Engage Your Audience The Right Way, contributor John Hall outlines the Golden Equation for digital success,

Technology + authenticity = engagement

Earlier this morning I fired off a reply to a product support ticket from ZAGG, the folks who make a Bluetooth enabled keyboard for iPads. They are not going to send me a replacement for my replacement keyboard. This is the second keyboard where the hinge failed. I expect hardware to outlast the warranty. Neither keyboard made it. The true fail here is customer relationship and retention. ZAGGs one-size-fits-most reply, the $10 gift card and the empty promise of, "please don't hesitate to contact me back. I would be more than happy to assist you" transformed a rabid fan and promoter into a staunch detractor. 

I have an equation for ZAGG, Keyboard + Hatchet = Customer Satisfaction. Join me on Facebook at YourDigitalLeverage this afternoon for the main event.

I feel better already. The main takeaway from the Forbes article is that engagement requires more than an investment in technology, it requires authenticity. In addition to the golden equation, John shares two principals representing a distinct shift in digital mindset.

 Make the shift from me to you

Talking “at” versus talking “with”: It’s a big distinction. It's not about me. It's not about you, talking about me. It's about you.

Pursue new technology for better relationships 

John provides a link to a new product that focuses on communications preferences. I believe it starts with listening, then responding appropriately using the contacts preferred channel. Consider adding "Communications Preference" to your CRM. I added it to Nimble. No more out-of-sync conversations. 

Now, where did I put that hatchet?