Time-blocking, Just the Ticket for Taming Your To-do List

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At first, I thought I had stumbled across an article authored by my trusted advisor Frances Pound Fisher. Chances you've heard of those courageous folks who work without a net? Frances works without a To-do list. It was the article, Could Time-Blocking Replace Your To-Do List?  from Fast Company that brought Frances' lesson to mind. 

The logic is simple. Since completing tasks on your to-do list takes time, why not schedule them in advance? Frances' top tip is to create 20-minute blocks on your calendar. When the time arrives, start immediately. Make the call, start writing that blog post, commence working on the next task to move your project forward.

Two key finding from the Fast Company article by Gwen Moran. The first is paying attention to cycles. I plan my week in advance Sunday evenings. I schedule early meetings at a nearby undisclosed location to avoid rush hour. The second key is known as the Zegarnick effect. We remember what we haven't done better than what we have done.

I recommend reading the full article. If not now, consider blocking out some time on your calendar.