The Death of Social Sharing

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It was too easy. Sharing news reports, industry findings, and product launches with everyone on the planet was so easy. Find content, copy the link, post it to social and you are done. You didn't even have to create your own intellectual property. Like a cover band, all you had to do was copy the work of others. 

It was so easy everybody started sharing. We didn't even have to write the obituary, we simply copied and pasted social sharing to the grave. What started as an idea to create value and demonstrate expertise has devolved into a quick and dirty method of demonstrating just how little respect you have for your readers time, intelligence and value to your organization. There is a better way to meet the original goal. One that doesn't require an increase in your investment. All it takes is a change in mindset.

Sharing 2.0 - Strategic Content Distribution

Content sharing is a smart way to connect with qualified prospects and stay connected with loyal customers. Making the process work again requires a return to the basics. Consider this:   

Audience - Sharing everything with everyone values no one. Be strategic in your choice of audience. Like the photo above, make it an audience of one.

Platform - Social is where prospects discovery you, it's PR. Email is for building relationships, it's Marketing. The goal is building relationships.

Content - Your followers want two things, relevant content, fast. Focus on their needs, instead of your own.

Ownership - If the goal is to demonstrate your expertise, sharing the intellectual property of others positions you as the messenger, not an influencer. 

Creating a Strategic Sharing System

The emphasis is on creating a system. Sharing relevant content with your best customers and perfect prospects demonstrate the value you place on the relationship. Follow these steps to create a strategic sharing system.

  1. Identify three topics that demonstrate your expertise by delivering the highest value to your best clients. Focus on no more that three.
  2. Tag your best customers and qualified prospects in your contact relationship management (CRM) App using the topics above.
  3. Create a content sharing email template containing a subject line, "Read this, thought of you." Personalize it by including a variable for their first name. Include a, "My Two-cents Worth" section where you can add your intellectual property to demonstrate your expertise. 
  4. Each day, scan publications and sites favored by your prospects, not your peers. Connect the dots between valuable content and valuable members of your audience. Copy the URL and get ready to share. Don't blink or you will miss it.

Some Assemble is Required

Crank up your email and launch your sharing template. Choose the recipient and tell them why you thought of them. Add two points from the article you thought were important or two valuable ideas that were missing. 

The Bottom Line

I work with professional service firms, healthcare organizations, and manufacturers. I send one sharing email daily to each of those industries. I have been astounded by the positive response I've received in return. It has established positive relationships with prospects and grown deeper relationships with loyal clients. 

I would love to hear from your experience. Call me at 904-566-8325 with your questions or success tips for content sharing. 


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