Are You Ready to be Disrupted?

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If the headline about made you feel a bit queasy, it's a sign that at the very least, you are aware of what's about to happen. Almost 70% of 1,300 business leaders worldwide agreed with a key finding of KPMG International's CEO Outlook report. The next 3 years will be the most challenging, all because of digital disruption. Will you be ready? Three of my Digital Daily posts last week outlined the problem for restaurants here in Jacksonville. In less than a month, the Hogan Street Food Truck Court has literally taken the lunch of established downtown restaurants.  The Jacksonville Business Journal quoted one owner, "We just want to be on even playing field". With the digital disruption technology brings to the table, "Even playing field" has left the building.

Dealing with Digital Disruption

It's not going to go way. Established companies who hold out the hope that it's just a fad are the ones who will go way. Here are three ways your company can get ready for the disruption to come and an opportunity.

Connect Your Digital Dots

Draw a single vertical line down a blank sheet of paper. In the left-hand column, write down all your business processes that are slow, tedious, repetitive. In the right-hand column, jot down the technology you already own or are looking to acquire. Now, draw a line to connect the processes with the tools. Congratulations, you've just identified where disruption will occur in the near future. 

Focus on Techniques Instead of Tools 

Far too often businesses focus on acquiring technology tools instead of focusing on business processes that will increase sales and profit. Technology should never be an expense, it should be an investment in growth, efficiency, effectiveness. Pick one process and go all in. Combine the tools you already have to with a process to improve your business performance. 

Develop Your Talent 

Not your personal talents, your people. Like you, they are more than a bit puzzled and overwhelmed by technology. Creating a learning plan that leverages free and low-cost learning resources available from technology vendors often doubles, not the cost, but the value of your technology investment.  

Opportunity to Disrupt

All industries will be impacted. What I am most excited about today is the opportunity to transform an industry right here in Jacksonville. I've been hired by the University of North Florida to teach Jacksonville's very first, "Dealing With Digital Disruption" course. It for public relations professionals and those who practice PR on a daily basis. I will be speaking about the topic and wil introduce the course on April 18, 2017, at UNF. Please Save The Date now, and get ready to hear more about this exciting opportunity.