How Social Media Makes You a Better Leader

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The question, "Does Social Media Make You a Better Leader?" is more than a trivial pursuit. As customers and staff become increasingly connected, social media skills have become an essential skill for budding CEOs. The article cites a recent report by Development Dimensions International, a leadership development consultancy. As part of its High-Resolution Leadership study, DDI examined different aspects of leadership among potential CEOs and,  "Not every CEO is savvy on social media, but the ones who are often have a lot of other traits considered desirable in leaders".

 More than just some nice to have traits or behaviors, the study found that those executives who were active on social media were stronger than their counterparts in key metrics; 89 percent stronger at empowering other people, 52 percent stronger at compelling communication, and 46 percent stronger at influencing others. 

I find the last metric to be significant. Traditionally, CEOs were measured on their ability to direct others. The rise of the Internet has elevated the extended network over the organization. In the digital age, leaders must learn an indirect application of power. Social media is about infulence, not control.