The Need, the Need for Productivity

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What effect would it have on our company if you could double your productivity? Not just today, but every day? Would you be able to reach more prospects, close more deals, take a vacation? It is easier than you think. Doubling productivity doesn’t require doubling your effort. All that is needed is to increase the value of the digital tools you already have. Most software platforms return about 10% efficiency. All that is required is to get an additional 10% to double productivity. Here are 3 tactics you can put to use today to boost productivity. 

Learn Something New

Invest 20-minutes in learning a new skill using a specific digital tool. Choose a skill that will give you a high rate of return on your investment. Watch a tutorial, read the step-by-step instructions, perform the process in a real-world setting. With practice, you will have increased your productivity as well as your value as a team member.    

Connect the Dots

Retyping information or performing a copy/paste operation is labor-intensive. Why is it that there is never enough time to do something right, but there always seems to be time to do it twice? Whenever you find yourself copying or retyping information between apps or platforms, research alternatives that automate the process of sharing information (often called integrations).

 I use Calendly, a client appointment scheduling platform. I also use Google Calendar. Calendly has a built-in feature to automatically sync meeting requests to my Google calendar. I only need to check one calendar,

20-Minute Monotasking

According to the New York Times business productivity guide, multitasking is “A Biological Impossibility”. You will see an immediate boost in productivity the moment you move tasks off your to-do list and schedule them on your calendar. Break tasks into 20-minute chunks to create focus.

Get Write to the Point

Many business professionals spend a major portion of their day typing text. We compose emails, write blog posts, and draft social media updates. What effect would it have on your productivity if you could cut that time and effort in half? Here are three ways to make it happen.

  • Auto-correct - word-processors and most mobile apps have predictive typing or auto-correct. Enter all the complicated or frequently misspelled words or phrases.
  • Email Templates - if eliminating the need to type a word increases productivity, imagine if you could eliminate the need to type an entire document? Templates solve two problems at once. They use regular text to create consistency, and they include field variables ( first-name) to create maximum flexibility. 
  • Voice Transcription - It is the perfect productivity hack for mobile business professionals. The most valuable key on your mobile devices keyboard is not a letter of the alphabet, it is the microphone key. Transcriptions reduce the need for spell check.  The text it produces improves communication and quadruples your productivity.

My Gift For You

Writers use a thesaurus to find the best words. My clients use their Personal Thesaurus to write with their best words. 

Personal Thesaurus