The Need For Speed in 2018

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Wow, just wow. Next week is Thanksgiving in the United States. It's the time of year you hear everyone say, "This year sure went by fast!" It really did. The iPhone turned 10. Puerto Rico was destroyed in a single day. If you feel like you are even further behind the curve, you are not alone. It's more than just a feeling. Change happens faster, is more disruptive and the struggle to keep up has become a primary focus. You can forget about getting ahead. That bothers me. If it bothers you, here are some ideas you can use to not only keep up but get ahead in 2018.

The Need For Speed

Stop running. Sounds counterintuitive, I know, but you can't add the number 13 to your clock. The key to getting more done is is to increase the speed of execution, not your pace. There are only three ways to make this happen. Focus your energy on any one of the three and you will be amazed at your success and peace of mind.


If your phone looks like the Swiss-Army-Knife of Apps, stop and take inventory. Start at the back. If you haven't opened an app in over a month, delete it. Ignore that twinge of anxiety, just let it go. Second, look at the Apps that remain and identify the task it was meant to do or the challenge it is supposed to solve. If it lacks purpose, delete it now. Finally, identify the Apps you can't live without, (not Facebook, I hope). Drag them to your home screen. Not enough room? Drag the less frequently used Apps to your second or third screen to make room.

My personal motto, Discard Nothing, works on two levels. first, I don't throw away people, things or ideas just because they are old or have slowed down. Unless, on the other hand, they have been revealed to be nothing. If your digital tools no longer bring you joy, let them go. 


 Now that you have a lighter digital toolbox, let's make sure they, as well as you, are sharp and ready to do great work. Here at Leveage Unlimited, we just launched a direct mail campaign to promote a client's new App. We were able to obtain thousands of targeted leads, for free (and not only for a single use). Using the digital tools we already own, we segmented the database and printed labels for our in-house postcard design.

Did you know you can automate the publishing of a weekly newsletter to require nothing more than writing a blog post? You are holding it in your hands right now. Make a commitment today to learn more about the extraordinary functions of your magical modern tools


Once you've chosen the right tools, sharpened them and yourself, you are ready to hit the gas and build momentum for 2018. Defining, documenting and designing streamlined procedures is the point where you will see your productivity soar. Every organization has at least one process that contains a bottleneck, a step that's always left out, one that never quite seems to reach 100% complete. Maybe it's collections. It's killing your cash flow. Maybe it's prospecting.

Whichever one you choose, start there. The rules of business have not changed, just the tools. Combining business rules with digital tools is vital to your success in the year ahead.  Use 3x5 index cards or post-it notes on a whiteboard to define your business process. Decide which digital tool will help you execute quickly and focus on including all the steps to eliminate the need to do something twice. If it fits the process, create a template to give you a headstart and create a consisant, high-quality outcome.

Digital Leverage for More Sales in 2018

 Each January I conduct an invitation-only session to sharpen my client's tools for the new year. If I wait until January, it will be too late. Please check your calendar for December 14th, 11-1 p.m. here in Jacksonville for a special session. If you like an invitation, give me a call at 904-566-8325. I call it The Gathering.