The Disruption Mindgame

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 The Philadelphia Eagles disrupted a sports dynasty on Super Bowl Sunday. Brandon Graham’s forced fumble produced the only sack of the game. It changed the momentum, the game and most importantly, the mindgame of Tom Brady and the Patriots. If a single disruption can change the course of the Super Bowl, imagine how easy it would be to disrupt your industry. Chances are, it’s already happening in your business, it can’t be stopped, but you can do something. Change your mindset. 

There are two words used to describe the changes impacting your sales and business operations. Disruption and transformation. The first generates fear, the second makes you fearless. It’s not your fate, it’s a choice. You can either give in to feeling out of control or you can call a timeout, regroup and make the necessary change. I see it everyday, Established businesses experience change and name it disruption. Startups experience change and see transformation. What do you see?

The changes during this Super Bowl were experienced beyond the field. The commercials were different, more serious, less silly. We experienced less fantasy, more reality. They promoted community and gave us hope. Not everyone saw it that way. Matt Damon delivered a simple, straightforward invitation to invest in clean water. It appears the idea was too simple. Not to understand, but to comprehend. The idea that the purchase of a Stella Artois chalice could provide clean water to a family for 5 years was disruptive. Skeptics blasted the idea and demanded a fact-check. 

If you run a traditional business, you and your industry are going to experience change. Your future success in large part depends on how your mindset. Here is a good place to start. 

Fact Checking Matt Damons Clean Water Promise in a Super Bowl Ad