Collaboration + Competition + Collabitition?

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 Okay, I made that term up. What if, instead of pitting startups against traditional businesses, we combined the best of both? Not just competition or collaboration, but a combination of both? Here in Jacksonville, we are having a public debate about the challenge of Food Trucks. Established downtown restaurants say it's unfair competition. In the age of technology disruption, digital leverage creates a disadvantage to incumbents.  

Is it fair to keep new businesses out? Is it fair to use technology to put established restaurants out of business? In Why Millennials Prefer Collaboration Over Competition author Joel Goldstein explains not how technology has changed, but how the population has changed the way they use technology. Customers are using technology to change our culture, how we shop, and how we buy. There are big problems in the world. It's going to take all of us to create solutions. I'm just saying. 


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