Map or Compass?

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It was 20 years if it was a day. I received an invitation from an established organization to present a session on how to choose the right technology for business professionals. It would be a hybrid presentation style. No PowerPoint, no still photos with captions, just live video. I arrived for a tech rehearsal and found a ceiling projector with a pull-down screen. It's fine for PowerPoint, but live video presentations need an HD flatscreen display to provide a quality presentation. I asked their IT person if they had a TV on-site. That's when I discovered a 20-year-old, analog TV. it was 21 inches diagonal and almost two feet deep. I almost asked, "Does that still work"? I'm glad I didn't.  

Is it Working?

Later I realized the technician would have answered yes to my question. They would have plugged it in, turned it on and used the snowy screen as confirmation. From their point of view, as well as their organization, what worked in the past was proof it would work in the future. However, both the equipment and the mindset of the organization were stuck in the past. They had an analog mindset in a digital world. For leaders of traditional companies, it's a challenge of culture, are you looking backward to an analog past or forward to a digital future? 

More Technology is Not the Solution

What is the cure for this TV problem? Most managers would answer, "Buy a new flatscreen TV. Unfortunately, it would only treat the symptom. It would do nothing to change the culture. The status quo is not what it used to be. In the future, successful companies will challenge the status quo. They will look forward, move forward, not with a map from the past, but with a compass pointed toward the future.

Compass and North Star

Navigating toward business success in the digital age requires leaders to follow their internal compass. It's less about how your company has operated in the past and more about where you wish to lead your team in the future. Here is a place you could start. Pick a business process that directly impacts your customer. Disassemble the process into individual steps. Address each one with the question, "How will this help my customer?" Will it provide them with knowledge? Will it give them peace of mind? Will it provide them with a solution they didn't even know they needed? Focus on serving the needs of your customer.  is your North Star.

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