The Art of the Live Video Promo

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Everything about live video has changed. How it's shot, how it's used, where it fits in the customer journey. The concept of live video has changed in less than 2 years. John Chappelear is a perfect example of this evolution. Each week I receive John's Positive Thought for the Week (PTFTW). I discovered it in the back of John's bestseller, The Daily Six.

John and I just started working together. He and his team member Teri Coutu of Teric Enterprise Solutions met last week to discuss some new ideas to extend John's reach. Teri and John have created synergy by combining intuition with intention. John comes up with the crazy ideas, Teri turned them into action. John has agreed to share his latest video to help illustrate how you can leverage live video.

 The Art of Effective Video Promo

The current edition of PTFTW is on the topic of Self-siloing. I don't want to spoil it for you so I save the newsletter link until it is published. For now, let's focus on the promotional video. Watch it first, then return here to learn why it's perfect:

  • Background - if a picture is worth a 1,000 words, a video background is worth 10,000. John's outdoors, not at his desk. He's moving which keeps viewers glued to their screens. The right background tells the story, so he doesn't have to. 
  • Sound - Combining the right background with perfect audio increases the value to 100,000 words. How did John train those birds to chirp on cue?  
  • Purpose - This clip is all about promoting his post. It's PR, not Content Marketing. I doubt it will be archived on YouTube or added to a blog post.
  • Speed Bump - In this case, the purpose of the clip is to slow down the reader to give them a moment to attract the clickthrough.
  • Movie Mode - Video is the perfect format for a professional speaker. John is at his best when he's speaking. 
  • Focus on Why - A promo clip is not about how to do something. It's all about why. The Call To Action (CTA) is read John's newsletter.

The only suggestion we had for John was to shoot in landscape. Not sure what I mean? Grab you phone and go stand in front of your TV or screen. Hold up your phone. If they are both wider than tall, you've got it right. The only exception is when your video is for Snapchat.

I'm most excited to be working with John and Teri to extend his reach beyond his subscriber-base.