Learning Paths for Entrepreneurs - No "Dummies" Book Required

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My signature presentation, The Art of Digital Leverage, focuses on three success factors that improve digital performance, Tools, Talents, and Techniques*. Leaders understand the need to invest in tools. Every company has tools. Extraordinary digital performance happens when leaders invest in the talents of their teams. Platform builders and software publishers now include learning resources to increase the value of their products. Getting started guides, video tutorials, knowledgebase articles and user forums provide current information in real-time. Yesterday someone pointed with pride to their, SEO for Dummies book. The publish date was 2008. I didn't have the heart to tell them the info was worthless. 

If up-to-the-minute information works for team members, imagine the value if someone created an online resource for leaders. Someone did. The Kauffman Foundation just announced a major update to their online learning resource center, Entrepreneurship.org. What I like best about the center is the second on Learning Paths. It answers the most challenging question about online learning, "Where should I start?" The redesigned site guides learners along the path insight and illumination into the art and science of finance, leadership, board governance and sales. I recommend the site as a resource for both start-ups and established organizations. 

Let me share a hidden bonus. I believe the site serves as a perfect model for an online learning resource for your organization. It's the perfect place to present your Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). If your goal for 2017 included an increase in sales, start by increasing the value of the skills of your team.


* Tools, Talents & Techniques are core principles of our Tech Tuneup Service